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The Officers’ Mess, Cambridgeshire

Go Meet, Duxford - Radical Ways of Working for Business Mavericks – 5 December 2023

Officers Mess Coworking

Join us for an interactive talk where you will rethink everything you thought you knew about work.
Imagine a workplace where;
> There are no managers or bosses
> People set their own salaries
> Decisions are made collectively
> The pyramid hierarchy doesn’t exist
> People bring their whole selves to work

It may sound like a utopian workplace, but companies are operating under this new way of working all over the world, and changing their company cultures to be more democratic, participative and conscious. In this session you will discover a new way of working that won’t just transform your company culture, but will evolve your business to a level you never thought possible. If you’re fed-up of feeling like you’re always working ‘in’ your business, rather than working ‘on’ your business; if your concerned that the way you operate right now is restricting your growth and performance, then this session will help you uncover a better way to work that unleashes you and your team to build a more sustainable business, a high-performing team, and a happier place to work.

In this session you will;

> Learn what new ways of working is and what it encompasses
> Discover the stories of businesses already operating this way around the world
> Have your viewpoint shifted to a new perspective of work and business
> Take away practical steps to begin adopting these new ways into your business

Testimonials of Previous Talks / Speaking Engagements

Along side being professional and helpful to work with in the lead up to our event, Lizzie delivered an engaging session. Energized by Lizzie’s passion and vast knowledge of company culture, our delegates took away how to create a genuine sense of belonging online, practical ways to put a company’s vision, mission and values into practice and ensuring employee work-life balance. I would highly recommend Lizzie as a speaker and we look forward to the prospect of crossing paths with her in the future. - Westminster Insight

Lizzie facilitated an outstanding session for the HR Connect network. She’s a wonderful speaker who combines energy, zest and a wealth of knowledge, resulting in a high impact session. We had a raft of positive feedback from our members on Lizzie’s expertise and passion for company culture. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to learn more. - HR Connect

Whenever I've had the pleasure of being on a panel with Lizzie, being interviewed by her, or even just listening to her podcast I always get the sense everything is possible, even in the face of titanic adversity. She fills me with enthusiasm and knowledge and off I go, happier, more productive and being grateful I was lucky enough to meet her. Nothing is impossible with Lizzie, and that's a good thing because the only way you can create a better business culture is by changing the one you've got. - Lee Carnihan.

“Lizzie is inspirational and entirely refreshing in how she approaches organisations.

So many consultants that are involved in cultural change are wedded to particular systems with pre-set and somewhat formulaic ways of thinking and that’s just classic old style for a lot of classic old-style businesses. You may end up with a decent set of missions, visions and values etc, but you might as well file them in the bin once you’ve got it for all the real change they represent. Lizzie is much more inquisitive and open to completely different types of structures and systems and the approach she takes is correspondingly open and organic.

If you are seriously interested in developing a different style of working and can deal with the idea that you might, as a CEO or business leader, need to change yourself before you expect your staff to change, then Liberty Mind would be a good place to start.

Lizzie is constantly trying to think beyond the paradigm and brings a wealth of business understanding and practical experience. Her knowledge of more avant-garde ways of working could, in my opinion, be a real asset to many established companies who don’t quite “get it” when trying to address a youthful workforce or a younger customer demographic.” -
Robin Roth CEO Traidcraft

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