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Business 27/09/2023

Finding the Right Hybrid Working Balance

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Finding the right balance between working in an office and working from home, or remotely elsewhere, is key to making the hybrid model work for you. This balance is essential to not only job satisfaction but also overall well-being. Below we have explored hybrid working in more detail, the best workspaces that support this flexible work arrangement and how you can find the right balance for your specific needs.What is Hybrid Working? Hybrid working is a model that enables people to split their working time between the office and a remote location, whether this is their home or a local coffee shop. This model is a blended solution that combines the structured environment of office life with the flexibility of remote work. It enables employees, freelancers and other working professionals to collaborate in person on certain days while enjoying the comfort and convenience of working from home on others.

As organisations adapted their operations during the pandemic, many experimented with hybrid working for the first time. Since then, this model has been favoured by businesses across a range of industries and it’s proven to be advantageous for several reasons. Although many jobs could be carried out remotely full-time, the value of face-to-face interaction and collaboration can’t be replaced. Ultimately, the hybrid model is a great compromise, pleasing both employers and employees, and benefiting several other types of workers.How Flexi Offices Support Hybrid Models Flexi offices, also known as flexible workspaces, play a key role in supporting the hybrid working model.

They provide a versatile solution for anyone who requires a professional workspace for a few days a week or a month. Unlike traditional offices that require long leases, flexi offices are usually available on short-term agreements or rolling monthly contracts and can be adapted to your specific needs. From co-working spaces to serviced office spaces, there is a professional workspace to support the requirements of anyone trying a more flexible work arrangement.Here's how flexi offices can support the hybrid working model;Adaptability - Businesses or freelancers can decide how frequently they require access to a workspace, whether this is five days a month or fifteen. You have the option to increase or decrease this from one month to the next too.Cost-Effectiveness - You only pay for the space when you use it, which can be particularly beneficial for anyone who is trying to reduce their expenses. Flexi offices can start from as little as £160 plus VAT per month.Well-Equipped - Flexi offices are generally fully furnished and fully serviced.

They come equipped with amenities like high-speed internet, desks, meeting rooms, breakout spaces and kitchens, making the transition between home and office seamless.Networking - These flexible workspaces are often used by professionals from various industries. They offer opportunities for collaboration and partnerships, and can help businesses and freelancers to network.Deciding When to Work From an Office and When to Work From HomeWhen you first try hybrid working, you need to carefully consider how much time you’re going to spend in the office and when would be most beneficial to use a professional workspace. This decision involves balancing both working needs and personal preferences, and your working schedule will likely change from week to week. Here are some factors to consider when deciding when to work from an office and when to work from home; Nature of Work - What you have planned for the day will impact where you should work. For instance, tasks that require concentration might be better suited for a home environment, while collaborative projects could benefit from an office setting.Meetings - If your schedule is filled with meetings that you would like to conduct in person, you can plan your office days accordingly. Having access to meeting rooms and conference facilities offers several benefits. Personal Circumstances - Consider things such as your home environment, commuting time and other personal commitments when deciding on your work location. Some days will be better suited to the office whereas others will be ideal for home working.

Colleagues - For businesses, having certain employees come into the office and work together in person can be advantageous. A shared calendar can help everyone stay updated on where team members are working on any given day. This enables employees to decide when’s best for them to come into the office. Looking for Flexi Offices in Chelmsford? All in all, hybrid working offers an excellent balance between office and remote work. By leveraging the benefits of flexi offices, you can make the transition to a hybrid model much smoother. You can have access to the professional workspace you need, whenever you may need it.

With some careful planning and consideration, businesses and freelancers can navigate hybrid working successfully.If you’re based in or around Chelmsford and you’re looking for flexi office options, be sure to contact us at Mantle Space today. At Elizabeth House, we provide several workspace options to meet the needs of our members. From co-working spaces which are ideal for freelancers to serviced offices that accommodate small to medium-sized teams, there's a flexi office in Chelmsford that can meet your unique requirements.Elizabeth House is conveniently located a short walk from the high street and the train station. Its city centre location makes it perfect for working professionals in a variety of industries and enables you to benefit from a prestigious corporate address. Our flexi spaces in Chelmsford are modern and welcoming, and fully equipped with everything you need for a productive day. Our on-site team is always on hand to help too and we pride ourselves on our high standard of customer service.

We look forward to helping you find the perfect space to work.

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