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Business 20/02/2024

The Power of Collaboration in the Flexible Workspace

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At Mantle Space, a bustling hub for co-working and collaboration, we've witnessed first-hand the transformative power that shared spaces and pooled resources can have on a business. Our members come to us not just for a desk to work from, but for an environment meticulously designed to foster creative cross-pollination, shared expertise, and naturally born partnerships. The following piece is not just an exploration of the growing need for collaboration, but a foray into the unique fabric of community that we've woven at Mantle Space.

A Concept Beyond Four Walls

We've seen the evolution of workspaces—from the rigid confines of private offices to the inspiring open layouts of the modern co-working establishment. However, the physical realm, while impactful, is merely the stage upon which the greater act of collaboration is performed. At Mantle Space, it's not just about space; it's about creating a sense of community, a collaborative culture where barriers to dialogue and brainstorming sessions are as low as possible.

For small business owners and entrepreneurs, this open invite to the 'brain hub' can be the differentiating factor between surviving and thriving. The platform to interact with individuals from diverse fields catalyses the generation of fresh ideas and innovative business solutions. And this does not happen by chance—it's a cultural shift that we are dedicated to cultivating.

Harnessing Diversity for Enhanced Creativity

One of the most significant byproducts of a culture steeped in collaboration is the accessibility to a diverse set of perspectives. Across our portfolio Mantle Space members represent a multitude of professions and industries, from tech startups at The Bradfield Centre to creative agencies, traditional businesses, and the hyper-specialised freelance sector across many of our other locations. Within such a melting pot, the buzz of differing views can jolt a project from the doldrums of conventionalism toward the shores of untapped potential.

With collaboration comes exposure to varying modes of thought and working styles, which in turn fosters adaptability and creativity. It's from this rich soil that innovations can organically arise. Take, for instance, a graphic designer who seeks out the insights of a PR professional, or the app developer bouncing ideas off a marketer; in these interactions, solutions surface that are more rounded and in sync with the multi-faceted needs of a dynamic market.

Building Valuable Networks

The professional relationships that are built within the walls of Mantle Space extend far beyond casual water cooler chit-chat. They form the basis of robust networks that have the potential to escalate businesses to unforeseen heights. These connections are not just exchanges of a business card and a promise to network, although we do offer plenty of networking opportunities at our monthly “Go Meet” events, they are substantiated by the co-collaborations, the sharing of leads, and the camaraderie that we encourage and witness every day.

Speakers, mentors, potential investors, or even future partners - every interaction at Mantle Space has the underlying thread of potential collaboration woven into it. This network effect serves to enlarge the scope of influence and resources available to each business within our community. It's not merely networking - it's value-building, symbiotic relationships at their best.

Overcoming the Isolation of the Entrepreneur

While the concept of the 'solitary entrepreneur' has a romantic allure, the stark reality is that the isolation that it entails can be stifling. The environment of a co-working space is, by design, one that mitigates the feeling of being alone in the entrepreneurial pursuit. At Mantle Space, we've consciously curated an atmosphere where support, both moral and practical, is as accessible as the nearest desk neighbour.

The shared sense of ambition and drive within our community acts as a support system for individuals who are taking the brave step into the uncertain world of business ownership. Whether it's a technical roadblock or an uncertainty regarding business direction, the environment we've fostered encourages openness and readiness to assist.

Encouraging the Spirit of Giving Back

Collaboration is a two-way street. It's not just about receiving, but also about giving. At Mantle Space, we place emphasis on the spirit of mutual aid and support. Members are not just passive consumers of a co-working model; they are contributors to the vibrant ecosystem that thrives through their involvement with our brand.

The act of collaboration is reciprocal, much like an active marketplace where ideas, knowledge, and experience are traded. It's through this 'giving back' philosophy that an authentic and genuinely supportive community is nurtured. When each member is invested in the success of others, the collective power for growth is unparalleled.

Adapting to New Modes of Collaboration

In response to shifts in global work cultures brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, the modes of collaboration have also taken on a new form. While the physical space continues to be significant, virtual collaborations have become more prevalent, and perhaps even more important, in maintaining and enlarging networks.

Mantle Space hasn't just adapted to incorporate digital means of interaction; it has embraced and enhanced them. Our knowledge-sharing platforms such as “Slack” and “Teams”, and project management resources have all been fine-tuned to facilitate collaboration in a world that increasingly understands the benefits of remote working and the importance of a global network.

The Bottom Line

For those involved in the daily dance of building their business, it's clear that the isolated, siloed model is not conducive to growth in the long term. The collaborative approach, when institutionalized within a corporate culture, presents a viable strategy for not just survival, but for thriving in the tumultuous world of business.

The power of collaboration is not a buzzword; it's a tangible, value-driven ethos that we have adopted and championed at Mantle Space. We believe that it's the future of business. It's a principle around which countless success stories are being woven within our community.

As you consider your own entrepreneurial path, perhaps it's time to ask yourself: Is your workspace just a room with a view, or is it a launchpad for a collaborative vision?

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